The importance of art education

Art education

The primary goal of the educational process and the science that is given to students is to improve human behavior and produce a conscious generation that can coexist with the conditions in which it lives and be a good member of society. Arts, such as: drawing, music, and design. Unfortunately, many believe that art education is one of the unimportant activities and a waste of time, although it has great importance in the life of the student. However, this subject is not used properly to benefit the student, and this effect led to the negative reflection of the student in terms of Interaction, and therefore we will learn about the importance and objectives of art education in the life of students and society.

The importance of art education for students

  • Cultivating the spirit of innovation and imagination: Einstein said: (Imagination is more important than knowledge, as knowledge is limited to what we know now and what we understand, while imagination contains the whole world and everything that will be known or understood forever), and therefore the only material that can inculcate the spirit of imagination and innovation in the student is material Art, and if someone wants his child to be intelligent, he must teach him imagination and imaginary stories, and teach him the art of drawing, planning, and other arts. Therefore, formal education must make art an integral part of the educational plan.

Exploiting the student’s spare time: The real problem in the life of any person is the void. If the time is not used for something useful and entertaining, then it is wasted time. Therefore, the art course encourages the student to take advantage of this time with imaginative and creative things, and the ability to apply imagination to reality through drawing or drawing. Music and more.

  • Encouraging the student to express: the student must express what is inside him through the art that he learns and disclose what is inside him, so embodying the idea from the mind and transferring it in an artistic image teaches the student a new way to express feelings and it becomes a talent with the days.

The importance of art education to society

  • Formation of benevolent behavioral attitudes: Countries that do not respect art and talent lack creative people and an effective element in society.
  • Acquisition of artistic culture: By instilling art in society, it acquires artistic cultures through which creativity and excellence can be demonstrated in societies.

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