Strange information about space

Strange information about space

The study of space is an interesting field with many strange and amazing information, and some of this information may be incomprehensible to human brains, yet many people tend to search and investigate about this type of information, in addition to the presence of a large number of children who want to Knowing such things, and from this strange information is the following:

The absence of sound in space

This fact is one of the strangest facts about space, and some may not believe it, and the reason for the silence and lack of sounds there can be explained by the absence of an atmosphere, and therefore there is no medium that allows the transmission of sound, as for the communication of astronauts, it is through radio waves, and that Because of the possibility of sending and receiving this type of waves.

Venus is the hottest among the planets of the solar system

The temperature on Venus is about 471 degrees Celsius, according to NASA, and this information may be strange to some because Mercury is closest to the sun, so it is expected to be the hottest, but Venus suffers from the presence of gases that cause global warming. Which increases the difficulty of losing his temperature even during the night hours.

The body weight is lighter on Mars

Body weight has a lower value on Mars when compared to its weight on Earth, for example if a person weighs 100 kg, then his weight on Mars is only 34 kg, and this can be explained physically easily, Mars gravity is less than Earth’s gravity by 62%, in addition to that This can be seen as an advantage that allows heavy equipment and robots to be loaded onto Mars with ease.

The percentage of the visible universe does not exceed 5%.

The visible universe includes many galaxies and celestial bodies, and despite the fact that the galaxies are huge, which scientists were able to discover, they represent only a small part of this universe, as the rest of it consists of dark matter that does not emit light, in addition to dark energy, which is a mysterious force that constitutes 68%. from the universe.

Outer planets

The planets of the solar system are the most well-known to people, but the number of planets that actually exist exceeds 500 planets, and the masses of these planets vary, as some of them consist of giant gas masses, while a large part of them consists of small ones closer to the masses of stars or rocks.

Footprints remain on the moon for millions of years

The footprints of the astronauts and the tracks of the vehicles remain on the surface of the moon for an estimated period of 100 million years.

The sun’s mass is very huge

The percentage of the mass of the sun in the solar system is about 99.86%, which is equivalent to about 330 thousand times the mass of the planet Earth, and 3/4 of the sun consists of hydrogen, while the remaining mass is mostly helium.

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