What is the largest invertebrate animal

Colossal squid are the largest invertebrates

The colossal squid  (in English: Colossal Squid) is the largest invertebrate animal, and it is one of the  rare  animals  that humans do not have sufficient scientific information and records about, and this animal lives in the depths of the seas surrounding Antarctica, and it also has the largest eyes compared to any other animal, so it has Larger than the eyes of large whales, and scientific knowledge of this animal is based on a few samples that were taken for the first time in 1925 AD, and another in 1981 AD in the depths of the sea, and the amber whale is the most important predator of this animal.

General description of the colossal squid

The scientific name  of the giant squid  is known as (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni), as it obtained this name based on its distinctive physical characteristics, and it is a compound name from a number of Greek words, namely (mesos) meaning middle, and (onycho) meaning claw, and (teuthis) meaning cuttlefish. The name is a reference to the sharp hooks on the arms and tentacles of the colossal squid. There is a type of  marine animal  similar to the giant squid, which is the giant squid, which is longer than the giant squid, but the giant squid has a longer cover, a wider body, and a larger mass than the giant squid. 12 to 14 meters long, and its weight reaches 750 kg, which makes it the largest invertebrate on the face of the earth, and the diameter of its eyes ranges between 30 to 40 cm, which enables it to see things in the depths devoid of light, and the huge squid has the largest beak compared to all other types of squid.

Home of the giant squid

The huge squid was found only in the waters of the southern oceans, and it was not found in any other location, and the samples that were found were distributed in the southern tip of New Zealand, South Africa, and the southern tip of Argentina, and the huge squid lives in very deep waters in the seas, which makes obtaining natural images It is very rare, just as the bodies  of organisms  that live in the deep depths of the sea do not appear properly when they emerge from the surface of the water, as a picture taken of the huge squid while it was in the water showed that it has skin and a swollen red cover, which is different from the image it has on the surface. water.

What do giant squid eat?

There is still a lot of unknown information about the huge squid, due to the difficulty of observing it in the depths of the deep sea, and therefore the difficulty of obtaining recent samples for it. It is believed that the huge squid does not need to eat a lot of food; As a result of the slow  metabolism  in his body due to the frozen waters in which he lives, scientists believe that Patagonian fish are his main prey that he feeds on along with other types of fish and smaller types of squid.

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